Birthday Update – I am well old.

Hello everyone, as I am officially Well Old today, I thought I’d write a little birthday blog post! When I was about 15, I decided that no one over 32 was cool. 32 was officially the age where it was absolutely impossible to be cool… If I could give my younger self a cold hard stare I totally would. Who does she think she is, with her purple flared trousers and her lack of decent hair products… she wouldn’t even know cool if it hit her in the face.

So a summary of my birthday weekend. Well, actually it was very cool. Being a 32 year old means you have money you don’t have when you’re 14, and although you might get socks and pyjamas as presents as you get older, that’s because no one knows what to get you that you don’t already have. So there. Suck on that, past me. Also here’s me with one of my birthday cakes.

Actually my boyfriend, my friends and family truly spoiled me as always, and my gifts were so thoughtful and lovely. Everything from more Dungeons and Dragons books (yaaaay) to perfume and pjs and art supplies! I am very grateful for all my lovely beans!

I also had 3 wonderful birthday parties to celebrate! The first was an outing to Gourmet Food Kitchen – which is one of the highest rated restaurants in the UK! Seats to get in are like gold dust and so it was so good to get in for my birthday weekend. To briefly review, everything was spectacular. I had planned to write a blog post dedicated to the evening but instead I will just say… go if you can!

My second was a lovely socially distanced party with my pals in my garden, which contained birthday cake, sloe gin and much laughter. I was actually a massive fan of my outfit which my mates said was bangin’ and I was also a fan of the throwback playlist that occurred when I could only find my old iPod to provide music.

Last but not least, me and my long-standing D&D group played an in-person game of D&D, levelled our characters up to 11 and had a Wagamama! A wonderful way to round off the birthday festivities before sitting in my PJs with a banana milkshake. Bliss <3

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