And then, the weirdest thing happened…

It’s really odd going through something major in your life and then continuing on chronologically as if nothing has changed since your last blog post.

Since my posts in June, my life has changed dramatically (I promise I won’t dwell on it here in this post but, it’s worth mentioning). I broke up with someone I could have spent the rest of my life with and I am now at a bit of a loss as to what to do with all the extra time I have.

Well… I guess… I’ll blog.

Over the last few years this blog has taken a back seat to other parts of my life. It’s been a record of my times with friends and that’s about it. My D&D advice posts stopped. My general thought pieces stopped. I even stopped recording my artistic endeavours because they were fewer and further between. So it’s about time I started them up again… and put in some damn effort for once eh?

For the rest of this “reset” post, I am just going to focus on the nice times that have happened over the past few weeks in a little photo diary. As always, my life has been filled with the support of my friends and I’m so grateful for them. So what better way to celebrate how amazing they have been than to post about them.

Stacey’s Hen Do

Really enjoyed celebrating Stacey’s hen with her and her friends. I felt really good that day, and enjoyed the activities and the company a lot! The day was filled with cuddles, jacuzzi, archery (which I smashed) and general good vibes. I can’t wait to celebrate her getting married to Joe!

Other times I’ve been grateful for recently…

It was my main group’s four year D&D anniversary this weekend and we kicked off our new campaign! I am now in 2 regular campaigns playing two strong AF babes. I absolutely adore my new characters so I might write about them soon <3

My friends and I went out for Lizzie’s birthday and it was nice just have a little normality. I’ve also been out with a few of my gals to go witchy shopping (because we spooky bitches) and I am definitely going to write up about all the stuff I got as I’ve managed to make my house into an all-year-round spooky vibe which I am really loving.

I have also been working on a pretty important video project with my friend, El. It has really helped to have something so significant and kinda, fun, to focus on over the last week so, I’m grateful for her allowing me to be involved in that too.

Since I was in mild peril over the last few weeks, all of my closest friends have rallied around me and I am endlessly thankful for them. From Marie-Kondoing my as-yet unpacked house, to distracting me with nonsensical fun, to just giving me a place to be for a while… I am just so happy and I frankly would not be here without them.

Living in the future

I am feeling a light optimism about the near future. I have some really nice plans coming up which I hope will be nice to write about, I am getting counselling (because everyone should, frankly), and I am making my house into a home which I can’t wait to share pictures of! But to be honest, my real hope is that the future brings me more creativity, more focus on myself and less anxious noise in my brain.

Speak soon x

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