That’s a Wrap, Folks! My 2017 Blogging Highlights

2017 in general has been one of the best years ever, fuelled in part to my blog. Not including all the life events I’ve been through this year, my blog has allowed me to set myself goals, think about my photography and find new places to explore! So let’s take a look back on my year’s blogging highlights!

I will be next writing to you in February!

I am on hiatus for January; a chance to get creative, do some prep to get ahead and get some goals completed! This year has been non-stop and I feel like a break to recuperate is in order… (Unless I get bored and want to post, which is just as likely!)

So without further ado, here are just a few of the blogging highlights of my year…

I’m dreaming of a Brighton Christmas…

Who doesn’t like to treat themselves a little at Christmas? Especially when you’ve spent so long shopping for others and you need a little TLC!

I went off to see family in Brighton this weekend and grabbed the opportunity to visit the new Oliver’s Brighton – a Harry Potter gift shop that’s just opened this winter!

Driving Home for Christmas… Visiting Harry Potter Studios for a Magical Christmas Evening!

Harry Potter Studios is one of the most magical places on earth. I REALLY don’t want to spoil anything for you and I’d encourage everyone who likes HP to go, so please look away now if you don’t want to see the details…

Are you still here? Okay, good.

It’s the most Magical Time of the Year!

I revisited the Harry Potter Studios this week, for an exclusive evening tour which included a meal, Butterbeer and a Guidebook (plus entry til midnight!) The drive there was great as I brought along Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit and absolutely smashed the competition – as any Ravenclaw would.

Major Adulting: Experiencing some technical difficulties…Please stand by.

Okay firstly, I’m coming up to a year of blogging and I can’t believe it. It’s been such a brilliant year for me and I have done more awesome things as a result. That kinda changed recently when I hit some kind of mental wall. Since that week, I’ve struggled to think. I’ve also cut myself off from the interesting things I do.

I am usually so driven. Anyone who knows me can tell I’m never happy unless I am productive and busy. So when I hit a bump in the road like this, it really knocks me about. So this week I’ll just be a little more honest; with myself, and with you…