A Geek’s Guide: A Brief History of Feminism Infographic!

Let’s begin with a Google’s definition of feminism: The advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes. This seems straightforward but what is feminism really? How has it progressed? In the words of Emma Watson, “Why is the word such an uncomfortable one?” To answer this I thought what better than a feminism infographic?

I did a bit of digging on the subject and then asked my good friend and fellow feminist, Lizzie Owen, to help present all my research in a beautiful and digestible format! Lizzie is a blogger and graphic designer who often features feminist quotes in her artwork.

So here it is! We hope you find it as informative and interesting as we did when making it!

90s Fads: What came back, should come back and should NEVER RETURN.

So as I was born at the dawn of the 90’s and remember all the craziness and general colourfulness! I thought I’d take a journey and look into this awesome era of 90s fads and figure out… What should have come back. what DID come back or live on, and what should NEVER EVER return.

The 90 was all about mass production, and a lot of the toys were really hard-sold to kids. Due to the kind of kid I was though, you’re not likely to see any Barbies on here but hopefully, you’ll see something you remember!

POGs Collection 30 Goals Nostalgia

Japan Crate Unboxing Review July

A Geek’s Guide: Reviewing July’s Japan Crate- Savoury and Sweet Snacks

So you may be thinking Oh no, not another unboxing but let me just lay my cards on the table… I have never experienced a subscription box of any kind so I had SUPER ENTHUSIASM when this arrived. I doubt I’d review the same crate twice but I wanted to share this one with you guys.

After checking out loads of available boxes from Harry Potter to Geek Merch, I finally settled on July’s Japan Crate. They do 4 different kinds of the crate but I chose the one with Japanese snacks and sweets. I don’t claim to be an expert on Japan or anything but… I like snacks and their’s seemed super cool. So here is my mini review of the box and it’s contents… Unsponsored and honest!

Major Adulting: Being a Bridesmaid

For some time now, I had been looking forward to being a bridesmaid for one of my best friends. We first got asked over a year ago, and since then the excitement has been growing towards her special day. With the hen do weekend over, we knew it was almost here! The wedding was to be held at the beautiful Saxon Mill, and we were all buzzing!

Major Adulting: Salome at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre

Part of my 30 goals to complete over the next two years involves going to see a play at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre. I chose Salome by Oscar Wilde as he is one of my favourite writers. So here’s my write up – a chance for me to exercise my long-lost analytical skills and offer a mini-review of the play. The play is described as “a tragedy in one act”. For a plot write up you can click here but otherwise, let’s carry on!

Gender Bending, Done Right

Royal Shakespeare Theatre

Click for more production photos by the RSC