A Geek’s Guide: Nerdy Enamel Pins and Where to Find Them

When I was but a teenage emo kid I’d cover my bags with badges, displaying messages of general angst and faces of band members that I loved. Each one represented just a little piece of how I’d feel and who I wanted to present myself as. (Because apparently choosing an outfit in itself just isn’t enough…) That addiction I felt in my teens has returned!

I am a sucker for nerdy enamel pins – I cannot get enough.  Recently I was gifted a space themed varsity jacket and had to cut down the amount of pins I allowed myself to put on it but I am forever making wish-lists of pins from amazing artists.

Coventry Blogger Nerdy Enamel Pins

Here are just a few of my absolute favourite nerdy enamel pins (although I could branch out into the goth mood that still returns now… or maybe a specific one on feminist pins! There are so many!)

Disclaimer: I will link to who I assume is actually the original designer/creator/seller of these badges and I shall apologise now if I have inadvertently not linked to the OP! Please feel free to correct me.
All of these opinions are entirely my own and this is not a sponsored post.

Retro Nostalgia Pins

I absolutely love the 90’s and all things to do with it, so I’m always seeking out retro looking pins. I’ve now got quite the collection with my 3D glasses, viewfinders and joysticks (above) but I am always looking for more! Like this Virtual Pet (Tamagotchi) Pin from Hand Over Your Fairy Cakes might have to be my next purchase… And they have a whole section dedicated to geeky pins… oh my gosh. *runs to create a wishlist*

Virtual Pet Enamel Pin

For the DM

I absolutely love this one from Atomic Pins! I have recently become addicted to D’n’D, and have even bought a starter pack to help me become a DM of my own campaign! I can’t believe I didn’t get into it sooner! (Check out my other favourite games here)

Role for Initiative Dungeons & Dragons Enamel Pin DND

Three of my favourites from TheCraftyFoxShop

I fell in love with these 3 as soon as I saw them! They take pride of place on my jacket (which has kind of become my second skin now that summer is finally leaving!) I think I bought these from a shop in Brighton, but you can get them online too!

Book Lover’s Pins by PunkyPins

I am always declaring my love of books to the world. Hmmm… how can I make sure I do this consistently when in a library and unable to speak… hmmm… I KNOW. NERDY ENAMEL PINS.

All of the above from PunkyPins

Space Themed Pins

I don’t know if you noticed, but I love space themed stuff, so I plaster absolutely anything I can with galaxies, planets and stars. So as you can see, my bag is no exception. I think I got these pins from AliExpress (which is the best and worst thing ever. Sorry, not sorry, but a bit sorry).

So there you have it, my pick of the bunch. There are a HECK-ton of great designs out there. Just don’t moan to me when you have spent loads on them because one pin is NEVER enough (trust me, I know…)

But if there was ever one pin to rule all pins… It would be this hinged Jumanji board one by Atomic Pins.




  1. Nat
    28th September 2018

    Aww I love all of your pins so much and especially love your varsity jacket too. 😀

    The Jumanji pin looks so cool!

    1. Amy_Ether
      28th September 2018

      Thanks so much Nati! 🙂 I really love all of those pins! They’re all on my wishlist! (But I need to stop myself buying!)

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