Major Adulting: Hosting Coventry Bloggers’ First Mixer Event

Blogging for me has always been an outlet – a place to get my thoughts and experiences down as memories (and just try to improve my writing along the way.) I never knew that it could also bring me so many opportunities to meet new people and get involved in local events.

For a few months now, I’ve been working on a project called¬†Coventry Bloggers. Coventry’s blogging scene needs livening up SO much and we focus on putting bloggers in touch with companies and with each other. We just hosted our first Blogger Mixer event yesterday and I am pleased to say it was a huge success!


Emily who I work with on this has lots of contacts in the industry and in retail which helped a lot! If you are thinking of running an event; call in favours, don’t be afraid to ask around, talk to people, appeal to people’s good nature. I also recruited my best friend for his skills as a host and all-round people person which definitely helped!

All photos here taken by the lovely Lizzie

Perks of the Job

It was so nice to be able to give a goody bag full of amazing gifts from our sponsors to those who came along. I will do a full review on these myself, as I want to set a precedent (even though it’s not my usual content). We also had glitter and nail art done by the fabulous Glazed Nails as a special treat for attendees!

Friendly Faces

I was super nervous that the event wouldn’t run smoothly but I didn’t need to worry at all! Everyone was so friendly and it went down without a hitch. Everyone had a lovely time and we even got a lovely review straight away! (So happy that people notice my invite designs and decoration choices and saw the effort that went in!)

Overall it was just great to meet new people, share our blogging qualms and loves and realise that everyone is in the same boat as far as blogging is concerned!

All of us are just striving to be our best, and write what we love, and that is always something I aim to do.

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