Major Adulting: Being a Bridesmaid

For some time now, I had been looking forward to being a bridesmaid for one of my best friends. We first got asked over a year ago, and since then the excitement has been growing towards her special day. With the hen do weekend over, we knew it was almost here! The wedding was to be held at the beautiful Saxon Mill, and we were all buzzing!

French Fancies

The Night before…

…we arrived at the bride’s house to have some pizza and chill, making sure she was all ready for her big day. She was possibly the calmest bride ever! She gifted us some matching bracelets to wear on the day, thanking us for standing by her side. (I cried a little bit…) The night flew by so fast and soon it was time for bed.

Early morning pamper session

Waking up (ridiculously early for a weekend!) we headed off to the salon to get our hair and makeup done. It was super strange to have my hair tamed and styled since I am so used to having my wild curly hair just doing its own thing. The bride’s hair was so beautiful though!

Bridesmaid Hair Coventry Clipperz

Heading to the Saxon Mill

In the car en route was the best, the atmosphere was amazing and people were beeping at us as we were driven to the Saxon Mill. We actually arrived early! The driver was such a sweetheart and helped to calm our nerves which at this point were all starting to heighten as we had to walk down the aisle. We all nailed it though and brought in the bride in spectacular fashion.

Bridesmaid Bouquet Saxon Mill

Too… Many.. Emotions!

Being an emotional wreck was definitely a theme for me… I cried so much when the couple made their vows. Being a bridesmaid is such an honour, you get such a lot of good vibes and everyone was super happy and complimenting our dresses, makeup and hair.

I had a special thank you in the speeches too because I helped to arrange the invitations and decorations. So sweet! The best men and the groom did so well, and you could tell every part was heartfelt and a tribute to their friendship. (Gah, I am welling up again!)

Bridesmaid Twins Saxon Mill

As some of you may know because of my collaboration with Satin and Tat and Brooklyn Bridal, I absolutely adore weddings! As you could probably tell by my absolutely beaming smile most of the day, I enjoyed every minute.

And as a last note, Mr and Mrs Williams – congratulations and I wish you all the happiness in the world. Xx


  1. Eloise
    8th July 2017

    Best day everrrrr!
    And you’re right – it’s such an honour and a privilege to be a bridesmaid. Such a special occasion <3

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