Little Princess 1993: Achieving Everything and Nothing At All

When I was 4, I won an award for being a Little Princess and (I jest that) it’s my most recognised achievement to date. The trophy has survived every clear out and house move my mum has had and as of today it’ll be 25 years old.  I literally won it for being pretty (and also probably stood out due to the awesome hand-made dress that my grandma made for me.) I joked with my mum, that it was the only thing I’d ever really achieved.


I’ve never excelled in a specific subject… I’m quite good at art but not good enough to have confidence in it. I’ve got a fascination for science and history but don’t have the memory to retain much that I learn. Everything I remember is trivial and hyper-focused on minute insignificant details. I want to learn more, but I feel like I’m going to rely on the knowledge I’ve built from my childhood and nothing else is going to stick.

Writing is my forte I’d suppose (the one thing I can safely say I’ve felt proud of at times) but lately my brain doesn’t form coherent sentences unless the conditions are exactly right. This instantly makes me give up and do something else. Blogging is the one thing I persevere with, and now even that has fallen by the wayside.

FarGo Village Coventry Graffiti Achieving Everything Coventry Blogger

Does anyone else have this problem where if you’re not good at something straight away, you just give up? Throughout my adult life I’ve dotted from hobby to hobby; I drew, I made phone cases, I sewed… blogging is the only thing that has stuck. I thought I’d do a mini-review of things that I’ve been proud of this year to help to push myself to do more and not let this slip like everything else.

Queen of Collaborations

Through one thing or another all my collaborations have fallen away and I’d really like to get these back again! Recently I wrote a post on Tattoos as Self-Care for my friend Maz at MindYourMarbles which has rekindled my love for writing for others, and I really want to write up some more things for Big Comfy Books etc… Brain – get into gear!

FarGo Village Coventry Graffiti Achieving Everything Coventry Blogger

King of Come-backs

Earlier this year I lost who I really was and let people get in the way of my voice. There was a faux “ideal blogger” mentality which I needed to break free of. With the help of my friends, I ended up bringing myself back from the edge, avoiding the generic BS and getting back to being myself!

Baroness of Bloggers

Although the whole thing was a nerve-wracking experience, I successfully co-hosted a Coventry Bloggers mixer, for people to network with one another and meet other locals! Things like this are what I’d love to do in my life (although probably not just with bloggers, some of whom can be pretentious AF – sorry, not sorry).

Marquess of Muggles

Next meeting will be the 6th meeting of Muggle Musings – a Harry Potter discussion group led by yours truly. Setting this up with the help of my friend (who happens to own a bookshop, conveniently) has got to be one of the best things I’ve done in my blogging career. In a moment of madness, I planned to give it up after 6 months but some of my closest said it was something they look forward to every month and they couldn’t believe I was thinking of stopping! So… we persevere!

I guess that’s not too bad for half a year… although I always feel like I want to be achieving everything at once! Last year was SO much more productive. But hey, I’ve been going through some life changes this year so I should probably just set myself some achievable little goals. That’d probably involve stopping to breathe for a moment and actually having a think, which I don’t seem to have time for at the moment!

Picture credit to Lizzie Bee


  1. Shane
    20th June 2018

    Aww, so brilliant 😀
    See, you’re good at the things! I knew it all along.
    Nothing will top the Little Princess award though, admittedly. It was a gift and a curse to win it so young.
    Personally I’m aiming for Little Princess 2019 so at least it’s not cast a shadow on the rest of my achievements (or lack of) until now.
    I look forward to the next post as always.

    Your No.1 fan (and imminent Little Princess 2019)

  2. Maz
    20th June 2018

    Does anyone else have this problem where if you’re not good at something straight away, you just give up? Throughout my adult life I’ve dotted from hobby to hobby; I drew, I made phone cases, I sewed… blogging is the only thing that has stuck.

    ALL OF THIS. ALL OF THE TIME. It’s something I’ve struggled with since ei was v small. We both need to focus on celebrating the little victories! Xx

  3. T-Dizzle
    20th June 2018

    How do I challenge for the title of King of Comebacks?

  4. Sean
    21st June 2018

    You are good at writing, in fact there’s quite a long list of things you’re good at. You’re a good person full stop.

    Flitting from hobby to hobby is something a lot of people do, you’re definitely not alone in that.

    What you’ve achieved with MM is awesome, and you lead it well.

    I have to disagree with the little princess being your greatest achievement though, for me – although I haven’t known you very long – you’re greatest achievement is the person you’ve become. Your kindness and empathy. These are things to be proud of imho


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