Major Adulting: A Few Notes On Friendship (and a Warwick Castle Trip)

One thing I’ve had to learn is that friends are not something to be collected like Pokémon or POGs. I know that sometimes individuals will surround themselves with as many people as possible in order to feel appreciated or wanted, but I have found that you can feel just as privileged having a few select friends who truly love you.

I very rarely mention how much my friends mean to me on this blog. I try to focus more on the personal, the hypothetical or the material, although there have been the odd sentimental posts about others. I mostly don’t want to brag about how lucky I am! For the last few years, and even more so in recent months, I have both exceptionally amazing friends and also so many of them and I am ever so thankful for them being in my life.

Although of course, so few of my friends went to Warwick Castle, this is kind of still just a little note for all of them/you. For being there, for letting me be weird, for making me a better person, for guiding me, and yeah, enough mushy stuff.

More Happy Nonsense…

It’s my birthday tomorrow! I shall be 29!

(“Whaaaaat?” I hear you cry, “But you’re so youthful.” “Oh stop it, you”, I’d say. “I’ve not had to show ID for the last 20 years.”)

This weekend I had the pleasure of visiting Warwick Castle as a birthday celebration with some of my best friends; old and new. We spent the day wandering, chatting, being silly, enjoying the sunlight (but melting a little in the heat)… It was a day I will probably remember for the rest of my life, actually.

Warwick Castle Long Shot 1

That Perfect Moment…

There was one particular moment I want to always remember, that was completely drenched in this oddly blissful feeling (might have been heat-exhaustion)… This urge to take off my shoes and run right down the rolling field (below), barefoot. It sounds ridiculous but in that moment I’ve never felt an urge so strong, and I didn’t care about a single other thing.

Warwick Castle Grounds

So I did it. A few of my friends joined me in the skipping and spinning and we ran together in the afternoon sun and laughed and not a single stranger entered my vision although there were plenty of others on the grounds. We then all collapsed under the trees to have a chat (and maybe a little nap). It was one of the most care-free moments I’ve had in a long while, and in that moment I weirdly felt truly free.

Just a few more from Warwick Castle

[easy-image-collage id=3007]

[easy-image-collage id=3022]

Thank you to the lovely Lizzie Bee for the photos above!

I should be so Lucky

My bottle of Felix Felicis. A tattoo to go with the other ‘terrible’ Nine. I think it’s fitting, seeing as I’ve never felt as lucky as I do right now, to have such wonderful people by my side. Some of those that without whom, the day would not have been anywhere near as amazing.

Thank you Chelle! And to Maz for holding my hand!



  1. Maz
    6th June 2018

    If friends WERE pokémon though… I’d totally be a Snorlax or something terrible. What do you think? Xx

  2. Shane
    7th June 2018

    I’m glad you had such a brilliant time at Warwick Castle; such a wonderful post.
    Funny and sentimental, and just <3

    Proud to be No.1 Fan.

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