Blogging Horror Stories: Are you a Zombie Blogger?

I’ve been blogging for almost 2 years now… but something has been niggling at me for a while. I often get approached by random companies who would like me to copy and paste content into my blog. Let it be on record that I would rather not write anything at all, than fill my blog with vapid nonsense.

Sometimes, yes, that means I’ve skipped posting on schedule, and sometimes I could have taken the easy way out! But I like to think I’ve got a modicum of integrity. I’ve noticed and discussed with friends recently that there is an ever growing amount of Zombie Bloggers. We just keep wondering, why do people have such a bad attitude towards bloggers and influencers? Well, this could be part of the problem…

Disclaimer: This is not for bloggers who are easily offended. Sorry, not sorry.

Zombie Blogger Halloween 2018
Photo by Lizzie, Dress by HellBunny, Cardigan by Collectif, Pumpkin by Mother Nature

Ever since my LiveJournal account way back in my teens, I thought blogging was a place for people to produce content from the heart and not the same old repeated crap. I’ve realised though over time, that people’s attitudes towards writing just SUCK.  Since joining the blogging community there have been way too many scenarios where I’ve been rolling my eyes. Do any of these scenarios seem familiar to you?

Scenario 1: I want to make money from my blog but I don’t know how to do it, or what to write… I just set up a URL and want to make money from blogging, mmkay?

I have an idea for you. Stop filling the world with your hollow rubbish! These are the kind of people with zero opinions that end up writing lifeless, soulless posts without a true voice. This is a big part of the reason the blogging community gets a bad rep.

Zombie Blogger Halloween 2018

Scenario 2: I just love… LOVE this product I got sponsored to review but heck, I’d never pay actual money for it?! Are you crazy?

Fashion and beauty bloggers PLEASE – have a real opinion. People look to you for actual help on product choices… I find those who beauty blog fall into the trap of making it all about the product. Even if your blog is mostly about what you wear, you can still show people who you are.

Scenario 3: I’ve never used this product before but I will copy and paste whatever you say… for a price.

Wow. Just wow. *shakes head* Appealing directly to blog readers here; please don’t give these people your time! And if you’re offended by this then I’m ever so sorry but, you must be one of them! The zombie bloggers out to get us, ruining the blogging scene for one and all.

Zombie Blogger Halloween 2018

But what gives me the right to judge?

Nothing, really. I am just at the end of my tether with zombie bloggers spouting these same 3 scenarios at me. Dare to be different, people! Or dare to do nothing at all; that works too!

I love blogging because it allows me to express myself and what I love most (even if those things are just nerdy as hell) and if you’re doing the same and just writing about what you’re passionate about then that’s ALL good with me. I get so proud when I hear that even one person loves something that I post. You will always hear my voice and I will not have sold my soul, because that means more to me than lacing my pocket.

Let’s just break through the generic blog posts produced by content zombies.
Or do you disagree with me? Thoughts welcomed!

Zombie Blogger Halloween 2018
All Photo Credits to Lizzie


  1. Emily
    16th October 2018

    I try and write my true opinion, but if I don’t like something, I will try and say nothing, or deflect to a description. I had to write a blog for a local event recently and was asked to take a section out as the sponsor wouldn’t like it. It really upset me as I’d thought about it long and hard, and felt I hand put across a balanced view. I too wouldn’t pit something out that was copied, or without opinion. It does shock me how much rubbish there is out there!

    1. Amy_Ether
      16th October 2018

      Thanks for sharing your story, Emily! It’s such a shame when people are asked to review things but don’t feel they can say their true feelings! I think sometimes, it’s most annoying when people don’t give their true feelings and instead just paste marketing material! Let’s try to keep writing from the heart x

  2. EightBitBlonde
    17th October 2018

    It wasn’t until I got involved with a website/blog project in 2014 that I realized just how common these “cold emails” are from… less than savory… companies renting out their content to any blog even remotely related to their product or service.

    The only saving grace is I find it’s usually easy to tell when a post has been bought and paid for or copy and pasted and I make it a point to avoid that blog going forward. I just can’t bring myself to trust anything else they’ve written about after (or before) that.

  3. Lizzie Bee
    21st October 2018

    Eurgh, Amy, I can relate to this SO much. I will put my hands up and say that I used to be one of those bloggers that wrote sponsored content even for brands that I wasn’t very interested in at the time, but now I am very strict on accepting collaborations now. I want to write from the heart!

  4. Carly
    24th October 2018

    Yes yes yes!! I love calling them zombie bloggers too, that’s a great name!! They just drive you up the wall don’t they!

  5. Heather
    30th October 2018

    Fantastic post 🙂 The one that always gets me is the big headline, sounds amazing and then you get one maybe two paragraphs and I’m looking at it like, really? Is that it? And they’ve written it like they’ve made some big fascinating revelation and it’s just total drivel. And worse is all the comments congratulating them on such an amazing post?!

    And don’t get me started on the experts who right guides on how people should do this, that and the other to make their life perfect. Most of the time I find they fall into two categories; the ones who have literally written the most basic common sense things ever or someone who really needs a reality check.

    1. Amy_Ether
      31st October 2018

      Thanks Heather! Glad someone feels as strongly as I do about this! And yes – all these zombie bloggers on their blogger trains who leave generic comments “Great post! Really informative.” No, it wasn’t xD Haha!


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